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Baby Tarpon Brazil
Curimataú River Tarpon

Saltwater   Fishing    Destination!
 Brazil's Best Hidden Secret
River Curimataú, RN

Tarpon Fishing in a Secluded  and Well-Preserved  River   
Near Beautiful Beaches!
Various dates from  August to  December - Consult us!  

4 to 5  Fishing Day Trips Available
Groups from 2 to 6 -   Trophy Tarpon 

Saltwater Fishing Trip - Curimataú River, RN

General Information:


  • Starts in Natal, RN - Brazil

  • Groups from 2 to 6 anglers

  • Common species: Tarpon, Snook, Pompano, Red Snapper, Grouper, etc.



  • Day 0 - Arrival in Natal. Shuttle to Barra do Cunhaú (1.5 hours) - Stay in Barra do Cunhaú.

  • Day 1 and 2 - Fish River Curimataú (6 Hours fishing, in doubles) - Stay in Barra do Cunhaú.

  • Day 3 and 4-  Fish River Curimataú (6 Hours fishing, in doubles) - Stay in Pipa.

  • Day 5 - Fish River Curimataú (6 Hours fishing, in doubles) - Shuttle back to Natal - sleep in Natal - End of Trip


NOTE:The 4-day fishing itinerary is similar to the above


  • Accommodation in Barra do Cunhaú e Praia da Pipa.

  • 5 Nights - 4 days of guided catch & release fishing, including skiff, gas, lunch/snack, dinner and beverage (domestic)

  • Brazilian Barbecue.

  • Land Transportation from/to fishing destination.

  • Multi-lingual interpreter.


Does not include:

  • Flight to/from Natal, RN

  • Fishing License / fees

  • Tips

  • Imported Beverages

  • Fishing Gear



Let's travel back in time and go to a forgotten village in the Northeast coast of Brazil, surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, being the famous "Pipa beach" one of them.  Only a couple of hours drive from the airport in Natal (capital of the Rio Grande do Norte state),  the brackish waters of a well preserved river waits to host you for 5-days of fishing, all year-round.


This location in the Northeast coast of Brazil is one of the best tarpon destinations in the country, but to our luck, it is not yet a well-known global destination.  Due to a huge amount of baitfish, you will also find a large number of saltwater species besides Tarpon;  like Permit, Snook, Snapper, and much more.  On top of that, large migratory tarpon tend to show up every year from October to May.


We will fish the mangroves of the Curimataú River for 5-days but we will leave some time in the afternoon for you to sit back on the beach and enjoy the slow pace of Brazil's Northeast Region.


We will take care of all the logistics upon your arrival in Brazil. As far as accommodation, you can choose to stay at Pipa beach (30 minutes from our boat launch location) or at a fisherman's village, on the river.  Breakfast, a quick lunch while fishing, and dinner are also included; a well as beverages.  Once the trip is over, we will take you back to a hotel in Natal or to the airport.


Although the river water is not clear enough for sight-fishing, you will see a good number of tarpon rolling around you, so you can present your best fly to them. In many cases, we will just guess where the fish is, being the mangroves a preferred location for our predators to hide.


The northeast of Brazil has a reputation of being laid-back, friendly and with a very rich regional culinary, so it is a great place to relax and get to know a bit of this unique culture. A non-angler that comes with an angler, will have 50% off our rate, so bring your partner along!



  • Increase and decrease trip duration

  • Additional days in Pipa or in Natal

  • Arrangement of accommodation in Natal

  • Consult us for other dates available

What to do when  I am not fishing?

Enjoy the laid-back spirit of Barra de Cunhaú!

Beach on NE of Brazil
Palm trees on the beach

Check out the Beaches and the Night Life of Praia da Pipa - One of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil!

Pipa village
Brazil Snack on the beach
Pipa Beach Village
Pipa Beach Ridges
Pipa Beach - downtown
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