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Fishing Trip to the Xeurini River
in the Brazilian Amazon
Jan. 11-18,  2025, 
Jan. 18-25, 2025 
Jan. 25 to Feb. 1, 2025

General Information:

  • Starts in Manaus, AM - Brazil

  • Groups up to 14 people

  • Common species: Açu, Yellow and Butterfly Peacock Bass, Apapá, Pirarara (Redtail Catfish) and other local species.


  • Friday - Trip starts in Manaus.

  • Saturday - Departure early in the morning to Novo Airão (around 3 - 3.5 hours ride) to the Mothership. Navigate the entire day.

  • Sunday to Friday - Fish the exclusive waters of the Xeurini River. 

  • Saturday - Ride bus back to Manaus (Hotel/Airport) - Arrival by 10am.


​The Xeruini River Expedition is our most exclusive trip for anglers interested in fighting the biggest Peacock Bass of them all, the Açu (Cichla Temensis). We will start our expedition on a Saturday morning, and it will take us the entire day to reach the mouth of the Xeruini River, which in the located in heart of the Brazilian rainforest, approximately 320 miles NW of Manaus. Saturday is the day to enjoy the journey, get rigged, meet your partners, have your guide assigned, enjoy a caipirinha on the boat, and most importantly, have a good rest.

Once we arrive to our starting point, we will have exclusive access to about 60 miles of river. No other angler will be seen for the next 6 days. During the trip you will likely hear the howling monkeys, see a giant otter, spot some huge alligators, hear the sound of exotic birds and other creatures, and have lots of fishing tales to share.

We will fish in pairs out of Jon boats and our mothership will move upstream daily; meaning we will always be fishing different areas. We can fish from Sunrise to Sunset, but each group will decide their on schedule each day. 


All meals are served on the Mothership, except in occasions that the anglers prefer to take sandwiches for lunch, for a longer ride.  Weather permitting we will try to make a beach lunch for the group during one of the days and a Luau during one of the nights.


On the afternoon of Friday we will start to head back to Manaus, with ETA around 10am of Saturday. We will then drop off the anglers at the airport or at the hotel, depending on their needs.

  • 7 nights with 6 full days of fishing - 6 nights on board of Yacht Tumbira, 1 night in Manaus.

  • All Meals and Beverages on board of mothership - Open Bar.

  • Local fishing guides, fishing boats, fuel, 1 fly fishing guide/interpreter.

  • Land/River transportation.

Does not include:​
  • Flight to/from Manaus 

  • Tips

  • Meals in Manaus

  • Fly Fishing Gear

Mother Ship - Yacht   Tumbira

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