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Our Sweet Pick:   "Ilha Grande East to West "
3-Day Boat Trip

General Information:

  • Boat departs from Itacuruça Yacht Club, a 90-minute drive from Copacabana.

  • Pricing is for the whole boat (recommended capacity is 6 guests).

  • Boat Info: 27.5 feet Real Powerboat with a 170HP inboard diesel motor by Mercury. 

  • Ilha Grande requires Yellow Fever Vaccination

  • Itinerary:
    • Day 1 - Hotel pick up (7:30 am), drive to the Yacht Club (1.5 hour) and boat ride to Ilha Grande (1.5 hr). Visit the attractions on the east side of Ilha Grande. Check in at Nautilus.

    • Day 2 - Morning: Breakfast and Scuba Diving with Nautilus; Afternoon: Visit the attractions on the west side of the island.

    • Day 3 - Morning:  Breakfast - Visit Lopes Mendes (by trail or boat) - Visit Abrahão Village - Stop for lunch

    • Afternoon: Return to Rio de Janeiro

    Ilha Grade Accommodations


  • Transportation from/to accommodation in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Ice box, water and ice (other beverages can be purchased if requested)

  • Boat, fuel and pilot.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included with the accommodation at Nautilus.

  • Does not include:

  • Hotel Reservation

  • Flight to Rio

  • Create your own Boat    Trip Package in    5 STEPS!

    1. How many days (1-7)?
    2. How many people (1-6)?
    3. Which boat   trips (A,B,C,...)?
    4. Which accommodation type (I, II, III, ...)?
    5. What special interests doo you have (0-10)?
    Then, send us an email !!!

    Recommended   Itineraries
    Duration is based   on    boat departure   from   Ilha Grande , add  1/2 day or departures from Rio.

    A- East Ilha Grande  -  1/2 day
    Beaches and  Bays    (Palmas, Saco do Céu, Lagoa Azul, ...)
    B- East/South    Ilha Grande  - 1/2 day to 1 day
    Abrahão Village  and Lopes Mendes Beach 
    C- West Ilha Grande    -    1/2 day to 1 day
    Beaches and Bays    ( Araçatiba, Lagoa Verde, Sítio Forte, Lagoa Azul...) 
    D- South Ilha Grande -1 day   
     Beaches and Bays (Aventureiros, Lopes Mendes, Dois Rios, Parnaióca,...)  
    E- Paradisiac  Islands of Angra - 1 day
    Beaches and islands (Dentista, Botinas, Ilha da Gipóia, ...) 
    F-   West  Angra -  1   day
    Beaches and Islands (Paquetá, Itanhangá, Laboratório,  Piraraquara , ...) 
    G - Historic Parati   -   1  to 2  days
    Parati  Town, Beaches and Islands 

    Types of Accommodation 

    I -   All Meals Included in a Paradisiac Location   ($$$)
    Nautilus -  Simple accommodation , a fantastic and tranquil location,  incredible staff  and   amazing cuisine.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner   included.   Scuba   diving  from   the   beach possible.
    II -   In the Village ($$)
    There are several options to choose from. Stay close to all the   amenities this historic  Abrahão   Village has to offer, such as restaurants, bars,   shops , etc. Breakfast included.
    III - Charming   and   Romantic ($$$)
    Coqueiro Verde  -   A charming location, ideal for   couples   and   sophisticated guests.  Suites and Bungalows are available.   Restaurant on site (meals not included).
    IV- Remote   ($$)
    Convés - Enjoy  the solitude   and the beautiful scenery  of Araçatiba  on   this hostel on the top of the sea.   Restaurant on site; breakfast included.
    V - Alternative ($)
    Camping is possible in several locations in Ilha Grande; however, camping material is not provided.

    Types  of interest 

    • Relaxing,    Chilling and Slowing Down  
    • Scuba Diving
    • Snorkeling
    • Hiking / Trekking
    • Sea Farming (Cobi, scallops, etc.)
    • Gastronomy
    • Cultural   Sightseeing
    • Nature Sightseeing
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